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CSS UI Events Expansion Pack

CSS has :hover. Active CSS adds :click, :mouseover, etc.

A CSS and JavaScript hybrid language for the browser.

Runs in realtime on all major modern browsers.

Create UI, ultra-fast SPAs, or cool components.

No massive ecosystem to maintain.
Minimalist. No dependencies.
Separation of concerns.
Near-instant load time.
Full creative freedom.

The smartest DOM tool in the world.

Version 2.15.0 compressed size: 57kB GZip

<script src="/activecss-2-15-0.min.js"></script>

Overview and docsExamplesFAQ

Highlights for version 2.15.0

Dialog modal with buttons and return results

The new commands dialog-show and dialog-close implement the native dialog element,
and follows its native behavioural rules.

Basic opening, closing, returning results after selection,
and modal or non-modal options are covered with these two commands.

See documentation

Original MDN documentation

Dialog modal with close button

This example is more basic, and shows how the native dialog close and cancel events are accessed in ACSS.

Download and view version 2.15.0 changelog

Simply place in a script tag, or import as an npm package for Node.

<script src="/activecss-2-15-0.min.js"></script>