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Privacy Policy

Cookies on this website

There are no analytics cookies or JavaScript calls to external servers for the purpose of data collection on this website.
Cookies are used in the cookie action command examples, but that's it.

Support Form

The support form processes the e-mail address of the user on sending a request. The data won’t be shared with anyone and will only be used for the duration of the specified topic. No marketing e-mails will be sent to email addresses collected through the support form.

Indirect data collection

Server Logs

We use default server stats, as provided by Linode, and the use of goaccess, which is a tool for checking out logs quickly. Server logs have nothing to do with tracking software, they just show basic hits, which site you got referred from, and which country you are from. No personal data is reported.

If you are using this site, the visit will be logged on our servers. This log will contain your IP-Address, or a pseudo-IP Address. The collection of this data is a legal obligation and required for security. It's not something you can oppose as this is part of the web server software.

External video link privacy

Videos embedded in pages on this website that are hosted by YouTube or Vimeo will be subject to the terms and conditions of those sites, and is beyond our control.

Google's privacy policies

On downloading extensions from the Chrome Webstore outside of this website or watching YouTube videos, you will be subject to Google's privacy policies which is beyond our control:

Any financial data received by River Zend Dynamics Ltd. from the Chrome Webstore for any purchase made will be kept for internal and legal use only, and not for any subsequent marketing.

This document was last updated on April 25th, 2020