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toggle-attribute: (attribute) [force] [every (time)] [after (time)][, (attribute) [force] ...];

This follows the standard spec for the JavaScript equivalent, element.toggleAttribute (, with the additional ACSS benefits of event persistence, the ability to chain using a comma, delayed commands, etc.


time = Time in standard CSS time format, eg. 1s = 1 second, 250ms = 250 milliseconds.

attribute = An attribute name, like "disabled", "data-something", etc.

force = (Optional) [from the MDN docs:] A boolean value which has the following effects:

  • if not specified at all, the toggle-attribute command "toggles" the attribute specified — removing it if it is present, or else adding it if it is not present.
  • if true, the toggle-attribute command adds the attribute specified.
  • if false, the toggle-attribute command removes the attribute specified.