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remove-cookie: name(cookie name) [path(path)] [domain(domain)] [every (time)] [after (time)][, (selector)...];

Remove a cookie. This command and set-cookie have been updated for the introduction of the "samesite" requirements in version 2.4.0.

Important note: It is vital to set exactly the same path in set-cookie and remove-cookie. If you don't specify a path in set-cookie, it will set the path to the path you are in when the cookie is set and make it confusing when you try and delete it. What can make it confusing is that sometimes in DevTools it doesn't always show that the cookie has been deleted.

So ensure you set the path in set-cookie and remove-cookie to be exactly the same, and you should be ok.

When this website had a cookie consent popup, it used "/". This worked in all areas of the site.

For example - to set a cookie:

 set-cookie: name(cookieNoticeSeen) value("y") expires(Year) path("/");

To remove this same cookie later on:

remove-cookie: name(cookieNoticeSeen) path("/");