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style: (CSS style property) (["]value["]) [every (time)] [after (time)][, (CSS style property)...];

This command allows you to set CSS styles dynamically in one line.

For example:

#nightTheme:click {
    body {
        style: background-color #000, color #fff, font-family "\"Trebuchet MS\", Verdana, Arial, serif";

Note: Double-quotes are required if the value has inside commas, such as in the above example for font-family.

Regular CSS in the config

Since version 2, you can use regular CSS commands in your config, like "background-color: green;". These will be applied to the target selector.

Standard CSS commands also respond to the "after 1s" or "every 1s" types of parameters when used in Active CSS.

Blink tag simulation = "color black every 2s, color white after 1s every 2s :)