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Any assistance you would like to give by offering additional syntax rules, new commands, etc. would be great! Do this via the GitHub repo.


We will be adding things to this documentation site over time, but if you get stuck and cannot find the help you need, then use stackoverflow and tag the post with "activecss".

We will be monitoring stackoverflow periodically and helping out where we can. This is a new language, so don't be put off if you find no helpful results immediately. The chances are, you are one of the first to be trying out Active CSS. But please post something anyway.

You can email us direct too, using the form below.

Missing functionality?

If you find you intuitively want to write something and it doesn't work but you think it should work, then it probably should be in the core or we've missed a syntax use. The core was built up as required and test scenarios could have been missed. So let us know, as it may be a quick fix or upgrade to add what you need.


Are you using the latest version of the core? If not, it might be worth checking that out as a first step.

If it's not that, use either the form on this page below or via github to report bugs:

Due to the nature of Active CSS, it is of course possible that your particular scenario has not been covered, and you are finding things are not working as expected. Maybe you are trying to do something instinctively following regular CSS syntax and you run into a problem. Send us all the specifics and copies of your config (and HTML too if that is practical) through the support form on this page.

When reporting bugs, please provide as much information as you can so we can repeat the problem. If we can repeat bugs, we can usually fix them fairly quickly. If we can't repeat bugs, then it makes things a bit tricky...

Please note that there is no intention to support older browsers like IE, as it is unlikely Active CSS will work at any decent speed to be worth the while. If you have an international modern browser that needs supporting, please provide a English language link to a full browser API if it isn't working. We can't fix it unless the API docs are in English.

Security issues

If there are any bugs or known issues related to security then please let us know by using the form below only, and not via a public forum. We'll post something public with a solution if there is an actual issue.

General comments

If you have anything to say about Active CSS, good or bad, then let us know!

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