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console-log: ("message"|variables|target|config|components|conditionals|trace) [every (time)] [after (time)][, (message)...];

message = A string you want to display in the console log in DevTools.

variables = Display the contents of all currently set Active CSS variables in the console log. The output will display all the scopes and also give you insight into how Active CSS stores variables.

target = Display the target object and all its properties in the console log.

components = Displays details for all components in the config.

conditionals = Displays details for all custom conditionals in the config.

config = Lets you inspect how your config (except components and custom conditionals) is stored internally. Some of this information may look a bit strange due to internal escaping of certain characters until they are converted back at runtime, but it can uncover things that should be there but aren't.

pages = Displays the @pages loaded and their reference attributes.

trace = Outputs a stack trace of internal core functions to the console.


This command is similar to the console.log command in JavaScript.

To display variables of various types, see the examples in the code editor below. You will see how to console arrays, objects, elements, etc.