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if-var: variable [value];

variable = a variable in the current scope or the window scope. A current scope variable takes precedence over a window scoped variable. This parameter must be a variable.

value (optional) = the value to compare. This can currently only be true, false, a string, a number or an array. Javascript expressions are allowed if using the {= ... =} wrapper.

This conditional action will return true if an Active CSS variable in the current scope, or window[variable] equals the value.

It will attempt to do a strict comparison, so if the value is a string it must be wrapped in double-quotes.

If there is no value to compare, ie. there is only the variable present, the result will be compared to true.


if-var: $player "X";

#myButton:if-var($player "X"):click {

if-var: $myBoolean {= ($name == "Dave") ? true : false =};

#myButton:if-var($myBoolean):click {