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pause: (time)[, (time)...];

time = This is a regular CSS-style time, eg. 1s (1 second), or 500ms (500 milliseconds or half a second).

This allows a pause in time before running the next action command.

Prior to version 2.7.0, pause gave you parallel target selector execution. This behaviour has now been changed so that it works with both the regular event flow and the parallel event flow. To upgrade to 2.7.0 from 2.6.0, simply put the word "parallel" at the end of the target selector, like "div parallel {...}". To understand how these two different event flows work, see the event flow docs page.

To find out how to make an ajax command synchronous so that your action commands can run fully sequencially, see the Synchronous actions ("await") page of the docs.

The example below shows both the parallel method of the target selector event flow and the regular (non-parallel) event flow. Look out for the word "parallel", which is what you need to use now to get a parallel event flow.

The "pause" command