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Active CSS is in active development as of 2023. Time gaps between releases may be a few weeks or even a few months. But it is actively being used and improved, even if there hasn't been a new release for a while.

The idea is to maintain as much backward compatibility as possible. That way you don't ever get technical debt, the handling of which is not only costly but a waste of valuable time, not to mention boring to remedy. You want to be working on new websites and not maintaining old ones.

All roadmap items are currently being managed in github issues. You can see all the progress there.

New features get prioritised according to the need for them, hence some of the issues are old. For example, more syntax checking could be in the dev core, and I can see a need for it, but because no one has asked for it it hasn't been prioritized.

Bug fixes always take priority, and when there is a new release *all* the known bugs get handled, without exception.

So please, if you see a bug or need something, report it by adding an issue to the GitHub repo.

Thank you!