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Rob Galbraith
Software Engineer

Version 2.4.0 release

27 December 2020

This release focuses on stability, and getting the core syntax closer to working intuitively with relation to variables and components. It also gets rid of the placeholders that used to wrap around variables on the page that had bugged me for ages and there's a bunch of speed improvements and optimizations.

As ever, please report any bugs or weirdness if you find anything. Don't suffer in silence!

Active CSS has come a long way in a year with the introduction of variables and components, but there is a ways to go still. It would be good to add native CSS variable support and some other stuff.

The next immediate minor releases will focus on further stability and making sure that components do what they are supposed to. This will sort itself out when other frameworks' component examples get replicated for Active CSS. Missing functionality will become apparent in the Active CSS syntax and get added over the year in order to make Active CSS more of a complete solution. The core's also getting a bit larger than I would like, so I'm going to try and bring it down in size a bit.

I don't have a huge team of testers or a lot of early-adopters that I know of, so sometimes things have gotten missed and occasional face-palming has occurred after a release. To solve this there is now a CI pipeline for tests, so that's a start. Loads of tests still need to be written though.

The next major release will be the re-introduction of the DevTools extension, which I'm going to attempt to rewrite mainly as an Active CSS component alongside doing minor core upgrades and bug fixes. That will be the major project for the new year and will be a good target to end the year on.

Do feel free to strike up a conversation if you want. If anyone is running into any issues I am more than happy to help via the support form on this website. For general conversation I don't generally do social media but I am contactable via Github and there is now a discussion section on the live repo there.