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Rob Galbraith
Software Engineer

Version 2.5.0 release

17 March 2021

I'm very pleased to announce the new release! This release focuses on more stability for variables, specifically scoped variables, and was primarily driven by the development of the new "todo" example. I found and fixed loads of bugs I didn't know were present too.

I think this release improves on the component format, and I'm going to do more examples and see if any more syntax improvements can be made.

There's also session and local storage support now, so check out the var command for info on that.

It's also been brought to my attention that some of the examples are a bit hard, so I'm going to be working on simplifying the examples, or moving the harder ones to somewhere else in the docs. CSS can appear complex on first glance if it isn't organised well, and Active CSS is no exception. There's always multiple ways to skin an onion, and I probably haven't always taken the simplest approach as I was doing the examples while I was testing out new core features, so some of the examples are possibly a bit unusual. It's going to be an ongoing process sorting this out while the core work is going on, so please bear with me.

The next release will introduce @for loops and the ability to wrap @for and @each loops around individual action commands, plus a few other things I expect. Then hopefully I can get back onto working on the extension, finally.

If you see any bugs, let me know via the support form!

Have fun with it!